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The Ultimate Guide to Introducing Solid Foods to Your Baby

Maternity Glow presents …The Ultimate Guide to Introducing Solid Foods to Your Baby​ One of the most exciting things about being a new mom is celebrating all of your child’s firsts. Their first bite of solid food, their first steps, and their first words are all milestones that you will be proud of, but they […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Baby-Led Weaning

Maternity Glow presents …The Ultimate Guide to Baby-Led Weaning It might seem as if you were just in the hospital delivering your little bundle of joy, but those first months will go quickly. During your baby’s first year, you’ll have to determine when and how to introduce solids to your baby. Instead of starting foods […]

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How Much Should a 4-Month Old Eat?

It’s common for parents to feed their new babies and then start second-guessing themselves about whether the baby received enough nutrition, especially when the baby falls asleep during a feeding.   If that has happened to you, read a little further to learn the signs that babies give when they are hungry, how much a […]

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How Long Can Formula Sit Out?

As a mom, you’ve probably been in this situation before: in a hurry, or late for an appointment, again, because let’s face it—that’s just your life now. You make the baby a bottle with every intention of bringing it with you, only to realize as you sit in the waiting room that you’ve left the […]

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