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Can You Breastfeed if You Have Food Poisoning?

Have you dealt with an illness and are worried that it might affect your nursing child? While it’s easy to feel good about your choice to breastfeed—you’re making a sacrifice to provide your baby with the best nutrients—it’s also easy to become worried. If you have food poisoning and are worried about how it might inadvertently […]

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9 Tips for Curing Thrush with Gentian Violet

Nursing mothers have long battled thrush, a stubborn yeast infection that is passed back and forth between baby and mother. Thrush is an overgrowth of candida yeast, which occurs naturally in our mouths, genitals and intestines. Thrush often appears as a white patch inside the baby’s mouth, and may be accompanied by a stubborn and severe […]

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3 Tips for Drying Up Your Breast Milk

For some women, breastfeeding is a time when they feel closest to their babies. Being able to provide your child with the love and nourishment is a miracle in itself, and for some, it’s hard to let go. Breast milk contains essential vitamins, enzymes, proteins and disease-fighting immunoglobulins. (1) These components keep your baby healthy […]

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21 Amazing Benefits of Breastfeeding

21 Amazing Benefits of Breastfeeding Breastfeeding is a personal choice, and it’s certainly not for everyone. But, for those moms who decide to breastfeed—or if you’re a mom-to-be and are on the fence about whether you want to breastfeed—there are definitely some really great benefits to consider.In this guide, we go over 21 amazing benefits […]

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