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The 6 Best Baby Mobiles (2017 Guide & Reviews)

Are you looking to keep your baby entertained, calm, and distracted while they’re playing in their crib?Then a baby mobile may be just what you’re looking for.Baby mobiles provide a nurturing environment for your little one during the night, and can make crib-time a less daunting experience for both you and baby.With the help of this […]

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The 6 Best Baby Floor Seat (2017 Guide & Reviews)

If your baby has outgrown their bouncer or baby swing, you may be considering purchasing a baby floor seat. These seats are made to help support babies in a sitting position for feeding and entertainment.You will want to research the various baby floor seats available before choosing the best for your child. Depending on your family’s […]

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The 5 Best Baby Swings (2017 Guide & Reviews)

There aren’t many things worse for a new mom than having a fussy, demanding, and colicky baby that won’t sleep.You may be spending your nights soothing your baby to sleep, only to find that your baby needs more attention during the day. It’s stressful and it’s tiring. Enter: the baby swing.A really good swing can […]

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The 5 Best Baby Jumpers (2017 Guide & Reviews)

Few baby contraptions exist that bring more happiness to your little one than a baby jumper. Hearing your bundle of joy laugh and shriek with unfettered glee more than makes up for all the sleepless nights and odd clothing stains you’ve accumulated over the past few months.Like other baby gear, there’s a lot of thought […]

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