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15 Things You Can Do To Do To Prepare For Your Baby

The concept of actually having a baby doesn’t truly set in until you’re holding your living, breathing, adorable thing in your arms for the first time. Boy, oh boy, your life will change! While you could once drop everything and take off on a weekend excursion on a moment’s notice, things will be a lot tougher now […]

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10 Natural Remedies To Help Your Morning Sickness

Oh, morning sickness. You were never a friend of mine. Countless times, I had to pull over my car, or run around the house with a garbage can.  Heck, some mornings I couldn’t even get out of bed!  It really impacted my day to day functions and quality of life.  As a working woman, or even as a mom […]

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How To Recover From A C-Section (10 Smart Tips)


After being hounded and warned that having a C-section was the “worst thing ever”, I came to find it wasn’t as bad as everyone dramatized it out to be. While you can’t be overly physical immediately after your procedure, you can do some things that will help your body recover quickly. From exercising, to wearing the right […]

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10 Signs Of Labor (And What to Expect)

Oh, labor. How I dreamt of you when I was several days past my due date. I tried everything to put myself into labor at that point: I ate spicy foods, I ran on my treadmill on an incline, I even tried reflexology on my feet (who knew pressure points could be so powerful). But, sadly, my son […]

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Fetal Movements And Baby Kick Counts (What To Expect)

You’ll never forget the first time you feel your baby kick. It takes you by surprise and makes you feel excited, scared, nervous, and happy—all at once. Unless you experience it first hand, it’s pretty hard to describe it accurately because it’s simply amazing. I remember the first moment I felt those butterfly flutters. I was enjoying a movie […]

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