How to Relieve Dried Nipples During Pregnancy

Since you became pregnant, have you have noticed a lot of changes happening with your breasts? Have they have become more tender and your nipples have definitely become drier?

Are you wondering: is this natural for an expecting mother to experience?

Well, it turns out that dry nipples are a common occurrence among expecting mothers, the question is why does it happen?

In this guide, we will look into nipple dryness during pregnancy as well as discuss some of the things that you can do to relieve the irritation that it causes.

What Causes Nipple Dryness?

Pregnancy causes your hormones to change, which can lead to cracked or dried nipples. In fact, if they are not tended to properly, the cracked nipples can become quite painful.

Your body is not used to feeding your baby yet, so the vitamins that you are sharing with your child could be causing you to have dry skin.

As you get further along in the pregnancy, your body is going to grow.

Sometimes cracks happen on your nipples during this period of time. Your nipples may also become itchy as time progresses.

Ways to Soothe Nipple Dryness

The best thing that you can do for dry nipples is hydrate them so that they do not get worse.

Lotions and moisturizers are a great option for this, but you will want the lotion that you select to have the ability to restore the moisture, not simply smell good. (Related: our recommendations for nipple creams).

Look for something that has Vitamin E in the ingredients. You can also look for a moisturizer with Aloe Vera in it because it will be able to re-moisturize your nipples and keep them that way.

Cocoa butter is a great option, and it will make you smell great as well.

Coconut, almond, and olive oil are also great for keeping your skin soft and your nipples supple. If you add a little bit of the oil to your bath water, you will notice a difference in a few days. (Related: our recommendations for stretch mark creams).

After your bath, add some moisturizer, and then apply a dab of petroleum jelly to your nipples to lock in the moisture.

In addition to adding moisture to your nipples, there are other things that you can do to keep from irritating dried nipples further.

Here are a few tips that you can try:

  • Stop using perfumes that have a strong scent. If you must use them, don’t apply them to your chest.
  • Scented soaps have the same drying effect, so if you use a scented soap or body wash to scrub your nipples, you may want to avoid using that soap in that area. Instead, you can skip the soap completely and simply moisturize after you bathe.
  • Make sure that you are staying hydrated. When your body is not getting the amount of water that it needs, it will start taking it from other places. Your skin is often one of the first things to start drying out, and when you are pregnant, you need enough water for you and the baby, so stay hydrated.
  • Use padding on your nipples so that the dry skin does not become more irritated by rubbing against your clothing.

Final Thoughts

Dry nipples happen during pregnancy, but if you don’t tend to them when you first notice them, they will only get worse, begin cracking, and cause you pain.

Of course, dealing with your nipples is different than moisturizing dry hands or feet, but you do need to add moisture to the skin.

In addition to using oils, butters, and lotions here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Take a bath with oils to help.
  • Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water.
  • Stop using scented beauty products on your nipples.


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