19 Tips for Removing Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

If you are anything like me, you probably worried that stretch marks would put an end to wearing bikinis to the pool.

There are a lot of things that you can do during pregnancy to try and keep the stretch marks to a minimum, but the truth of the matter is that you are going to see some because your baby was growing inside you for nine months.

Luckily, the stretch marks that you see after giving birth are not something that will be visible forever; in fact, there are a number of things that you can do to actually minimize and lighten the stretch marks.

Let’s take a look at some tips that can help you!

1. Olive Oil is Great for More than Hummus

Olive oil is a great type of oil to use when you need to exfoliate your skin. It serves as a moisturizer, but it also helps to improve the circulation in your skin. This is why it is a great type of oil to remove the stretch marks from your body.

You simply need to massage some of the oil onto your stomach where the stretch marks can be seen and then let it absorb into your skin.

The vitamins in the olive oil are great for your skin, but it does leave a greasy residue on your skin, so you will want to take a bath afterward.

2. Create a Massage Oil with Essential Oils

Essential oils are great for your body, and it can treat other ailments when you mix the right essential oils together. To create a massage oil that you can use to get rid of the stretch marks on your body, you can use a nutty base oil like coconut oil or almond oil.

Then, add a relaxing floral scent to the oil so that it makes your body smell amazing.

I prefer to use a gentle scent like lavender, geranium, or rose, but you can choose any essential oil that you prefer. Sage is also a great essential oil to use when you want to minimize the stretch marks.

Once you settle on a mixture, massage it into your skin in the area with the stretch marks for about 30 minutes. You will start to notice a difference in a few days.

3. Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter are Perfect Moisturizers

These two ingredients can be found in most of the lotions that you can find on the market. The reason is that they are great for your skin.

They provide moisture, nourish your skin, and help it heal, which is why cocoa butter and Shea butter are great for restoring the elasticity in your skin to where it was before you became pregnant.

If you have never used these butters on your skin before, you will be amazed how wonderful they smell when you apply them.

4. Aloe Vera is a Healing Miracle

When I was growing up, my mother would always tell me to go pull a leaf off of the aloe plant when I was injured. She used the gel inside the plant for a lot of things, but anytime I had a cut or a burn, that was her go-to cure to heal my skin.

Well, as I grew into an adult, and she gave me a part of her aloe vera plant, I began to realize just how great the gel was at soothing your skin.

When I was fretting about my stretch marks, my mother told me to rub the gel on my stomach and leave it there for about 15 minutes. It worked wonders, and soon my stretch marks started to fade.

The one thing that I don’t like about aloe vera is the stickiness of the gel, so I decided to mix it with some Vitamin A and Vitamin E to create something that would be more easily absorbed into my skin.

5. Add Vitamin E to your Skin

Vitamin E is great for dry skin, but it is also a great moisturizer with healing properties that can help you get rid of stretch marks. If you apply lotion that is filled with vitamin E onto your skin on a regular basis, then you will notice the marks fading.

The best way to get Vitamin E on your skin is to purchase supplement pills that are filled with Vitamin E so that you can break them open and massage the oil into your skin directly.

6. Heat Up Some Castor Oil

Castor oil is also a great option for getting rid of stretch marks. Simply take a bit of castor oil into your hands and massage the area for about ten to 15 minutes.

Once the majority of the oil has been absorbed into the skin, you need to cover your stomach.

Then, take a hot water bottle or heating pad and heat the oil up for about 30 minutes. This method works quite well because the heat actually makes the oil a bit more liquid, which allows it to be absorbed more easily.

7. Honey: Sweet Perfection

Honey is a great antiseptic that can help you reduce your stretch marks if you apply it to your skin daily in the area with the stretch marks. Since the honey is so sticky, it is perfect for a scrub.

All you need to do to create it is add a little salt and glycerin to the honey before applying it to your skin.

Creating a scrub is ideal because it actually dries a bit quicker than the honey does if it is applied by itself. Apply a thin layer to your skin, and once it is completely dry, you can remove it easily with a little warm water.

8. Eat a Healthy Diet

Foods that are rich in Zinc and Vitamin C are great for your body when you are trying to reduce stretch marks after your pregnancy.

Green vegetables should be eaten frequently. In addition, fish, nuts, and citrus fruits are also great for removing the stretch marks from your body.

9. Water is a Necessity

You may be thinking that I’m crazy listing water as a way to get rid of stretch marks, but the truth is, it is actually a great tool to use.

Staying hydrated is great for your skin, so if you have any type of blemishes on your skin, including stretch marks, you should make it a point to drink plenty of water.

In fact, you should drink at least 10 glasses of water each day to help restore the elasticity in your skin. Since staying hydrated is imperative, that means that indulging in a lot of tea, coffee, or soda will have the exact opposite effect.

If your body is dehydrated, your stretch marks are likely to remain the same.

10. Create an Alfalfa Massage Paste

Alfalfa is full of Vitamin E and Vitamin K as well as amino acids that can help to detoxify your skin so that it can heal. Reducing your stretch marks is part of the healing process, but you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

If you create a paste with the alfalfa powder that can be found in most grocery stores and apply it to the area where the stretch marks are at least twice a day, you will see results in just a few days.

11. Create an Apricot or Citrus Scrub

Have you ever heard of apricot scrub? Well, this is the same basis.

You will need to blend the fruit into a paste that you apply to the stretch marks. Leave it on your skin for 15 minutes or so while the paste works its magic, and then you can rinse it off with warm water.

Other citrus fruit works in the same way, but I prefer the sweet apricot smell on my skin.

12. Sugar and Spice

You can use pure sugar or a sugar scrub, but either way, the tiny granules of the sugar are great for removing your skin and lightening the stretch marks that you see.

If you apply the mixture every day, you will see a noticeable difference in a few weeks.

To create a scrub, you only need to mix a small amount of coconut or almond oil into the sugar. If you want a sweeter smell, you can use brown sugar instead for the scrub.

A scrub that I have found to be amazing for stretch marks is one that combines milk, sugar, cucumber juice, lemon juice, and coconut water.

You apply the mixture to your skin and massage it in for about five minutes. Then, you apply either cocoa butter or Shea butter on top of the same area so that the moisture is locked in.

This is something that I use about three times a week because it is a process to apply, but it has helped lighten the stretch marks.

13. Eggs, Not Just For Breakfast

Now, I don’t mean that you should eat a lot of eggs; egg whites can be used as a beauty regiment that will do wonders for the stretch marks that you have gotten since you became pregnant.

Beat two egg whites until they begin to thicken.

Imagine that you are making a meringue, so if you enjoy baking, you will know the consistency that the egg whites should be.

Wet your stomach where the stretch marks are, and then use a brush to apply the egg whites to the area. I like to use a makeup brush to apply the egg whites because using a kitchen brush on my body seems odd to me.

Once the egg white is applied, allow time for it to dry, and then you can rinse it off. Cold water tends to work best.

Within two weeks, you should see a major improvement in the tone of your skin and the visibility of the stretch marks.

14. Lemon Juice Acidity is Amazing

The acidity that is contained in a lemon is rather strong, but when you rub the juice on your stretch marks and leave it there for about 15 minutes, the lemon juice will soak into your skin.

If you do this every day, you will notice that the lemon juice is healing your stretch marks, and in no time, they will be nearly invisible.

15. Rustic Spices are Amazing

Turmeric and Sandalwood are two ingredients that are known for promoting good skin, so I like to create a paste that mixes the two ingredients together to apply on the area of my skin with stretch marks.

You will be amazed how much of a difference you will see on your skin after applying it for a few months.

16. Exercise as Much as Possible

The reason that you have stretch marks is that the skin and the muscles under the skin are not in shape.

To tighten the skin and reduce the stretch marks that you see, you need to tone up your muscles. In fact, when you tone your skin, the tissue can actually regenerate, which is a great way of getting rid of those stretch marks for good.

That is, as long as you continue to eat well.

One type of exercise that is going to be really good for your stomach muscles is yoga.

The more flexible you become, the more toned your core will be, which, in turn, will help get rid of the stretch marks on your body.

17. Utilize Hot and Cold

Alternating being in hot and cold water is a great way to improve the circulation in your body. The best way to promote microcirculation is to use a hot tub and a swimming pool to alternate between the two temperatures.

If you do not have access to a place where your full body can be immersed in the water, then you can stand in the shower as you fluctuate the temperature every few minutes.

18. Chemical Peels

If you are not able to get rid of the stretch marks, then you can also try some methods that are a little less natural.

With this method, a chemical solution will be applied to your skin in the area where the stretch marks can be seen.

It will blister the skin, but after the treatment, it can be peeled away, and the result should be a smooth stomach that is free of stretch marks.

19. Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a great treatment method for removing stretch marks as well, no matter how deep the stretch marks are.

With this method, your top layer of skin will be removed and the skin tissue will be broken down so that new tissue grows.

It will remove your stretch marks pretty quickly, but the downside to this treatment is that not everyone can afford to get it.

Final Thoughts

If you have pregnancy stretch marks, you know that getting rid of them is not an easy task, but if you follow the tips above, you can see the marks fade away.

In fact, some of the methods will even work in only a few day, so try different methods and see which ones work best for you.

Here are some quick tips to help remove and lighten stretch marks after pregnancy:

  • Use essential oils, Shea butter, and cocoa butter to moisturize your skin.
  • Scrubs are very effective for refreshing your skin.
  • Remember to exercise and tone your stomach muscles.
  • Hot and cold rotations can help.
  • Maintain a healthy diet to prevent more stretch marks from appearing
  • If all else fails, laser treatments and chemical peels will remove the stretch marks.





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