The 7 Best Toddler Table and Chair Sets (2017 Guide & Reviews)

Chances are, you've been there before: It's time for dinner or the daily art project, and your three year old needs a place to sit.

The only table in your home is made for adults, which makes getting your child situated at the table not only difficult but a true safety hazard.

Enter: the kids table and chairs set.

This genius idea from some of the best toy makers in the country is not only functional and has great style, but it actually makes a lot of the interactive projects you want to do with your child more efficient and comfortable.

Think about the way an office chair can be scaled to fit your body type, arm length and height. Kids table and chairs sets do that for your little ones, all without them having to ask.

Give them a space they'll love, and keep them safe by learning about some of the best options on the market today.

Toddler Table & Chair Set Reviews

#1. Melissa & Doug

From Duke University alumna Melissa Bernstein and her husband Doug, two noted founders of the hand-crafted toy company bearing their name, comes a simple, solid wood, three-piece kids table and chairs set (click here to check the price on Amazon).

You'll get two simple chairs that match the square table, all in a naturally stained and waterproof table. This table is designed at a comfortable height of 20" and the chairs have a seat heigh of 11".

The set is extremely easy to assemble and is sturdy, being secured with screws so that it will not fall apart if you pick it up.

#2. Tot Tutors Plastic

From Tot Tutors comes a bold and colorful plastic table and four chairs (click here to check the price on Amazon) that will delight the eyes of your children, and is super easy to clean for you.

The square table spans 20" and is 17" tall, and includes four chairs.

The entire set is made from plastic, and each chair comes in a different color: green, purple, byte and orange.

Assembly for this table and chairs set is easy. However, note that the chairs snap together, and with wear and tear, they can come apart.

That's not a huge deal because they are lightweight, but it is something to pay attention to if you're children have a rough-and-tumble tendency with toys and your other furniture.

#3. Tot Tutors Wood

If you need a little extra room, then the 26" x 22" rectangular table from Tot Tutors (click here to check the price on Amazon) might be a good match.

It provides ample room for multiple people to do activities simultaneously and comes with four chairs. The table is 19", making it a good match for taller children.

The table is sturdy but made from engineered wood. The set from the Primary Collection includes a natural table with four chairs in primary colors: yellow, blue, red and green.

#4. IKEA

The Swedish furniture maker IKEA has designed a children's table and chairs set (click here to check the price on Amazon) that might be the most simple of those reviewed here, but it's still economical, sturdy and efficient.

That's because the set is made from fiberboard (which is not as strong as real wood), foil and acrylic paint.

The IKEA set is easy to assemble and sturdy because all of the joints are secured with screws, so moving this set around isn't a problem.

#5. KidKraft

With the KidKraft Round Table set (click here to check the price on Amazon), you'll get a simple and aesthetically-designed table with a pair of chairs that is perfect for one or two children.

That makes this table perfect for having a snack or meal and working on a small project.

You don't have a ton of room to stretch out on this table, so you'll need to think about the number of people who will be sitting at the table at any one moment.

The KidKraft table is 23.5" wide and stands 17.3" high. It is made of composite wood, which is on par with engineered wood, and is easy to put together.

Like many of the sets in this guide, the KidKraft table set is secured with screws, so it is sturdy.

#6. Step2

From Step2 comes a cute table and two chair set (click here to check the price on Amazon) for truly the littlest ones walking in your family.

This table can accommodate a child as young as two, and is made from plastic so it's easy to clean and lightweight for moving.

You'll get a table spanning 27.125" wide and rising 19.5" high and two adorable chairs that are 21" high.

Some easy assembly is required, but once put together this table and chair sit is as light as a cloud!

#7. KidKraft Nantucket

This square, white table made from MDF and rubber wood from KidKraft (click here to check the price on Amazon) comes with four cute pastel chairs in pink, sky blue, light yellow and light green.

The table is 23.75" wide and the four chairs rise 11" from the floor to the chair seat.

This set can accommodate children from 3 all the way up to 8 years old.

It's a strong set and requires some light assembly, and perhaps best of all, it has a sweet, simple aesthetic that will go well in light, airy kitchens especially.

Now that you've read the seven featured reviews in this guide, you may be wondering: Why only these seven sets? Why not more?

It's a question that many people have, and it's a very good one.

But you should know that the kids table and chairs set products reviewed for this guide were chosen because these sets come from noted toy and childcare product companies, and they are frequently used by families all across the country.

They also all are easy to assemble and to varying degrees, they are durable.

Finally, these sets met the criteria for a great kids table and chairs set, which include some of the following qualities:

  • Attention to function. The company understands who will be using the furniture.
  • Safety. The table and chairs set does not have a high chance of causing injury.
  • Fun and whimsy. The table and chairs set is appealing to children, either through visual details or design.
  • Efficiency. The table is wide enough for multiple activities at once, is easy to move, and is easy to clean, etc.

It is the hope of this guide that you will find among these top-rated kids table and chairs set a product that will not only make your child excited about eating, doing homework or having a party with friends (or stuffed animals) but that the set also will be safe, functional and efficient for you to use.

At the end of the day it is you who will be moving it and cleaning it in the day-to-day activities of life!

Finding the Right Set

If you've come across one kids table and chair set, you haven't come across them all. The seven sets in this guide, for example, each have a strength and a weakness. None of them fully meets all your needs perfectly.

But you have to weigh which one meets your most important goals for use. One way to determine what your primary goals are for the set is to sit down and do a little brainstorming:

  • Spend a few minutes jotting down all the uses you can think of for the kids table and chair set for your children.
  • Then, slowly go through the list, circling the ones that stand out to you as a primary use (eating, doing homework, doing art, etc.)
  • From there, narrow your list even more, to just three main uses.

This process will help you understand your own motivations for purchasing the set, and you can use that information to guide you to one set over the other.

What Are the Advantages of a Great Kids Table and Chair Set?

There are many great uses for a kids table and chair set. Here are some of the most popular cited by parents:

  • An easy place to feed them all of their meals and snacks.
  • Helps create a sense of empowerment for my children. They feel proud to mimic what's happening at the adult table.
  • I don't have to worry as much that they are going to fall out of a chair at the adult table and hurt themselves.
  • My set looks adorable in my kitchen and is the perfect place to invite neighborhood kids for cookies and milk.
  • My daughter's table and chairs is the perfect size for her body and height.
  • My son loves to spread out his artwork on his kids table, and I never have to worry about the mess it's creating on my dining room table!

After reading this long list, you probably can see you and your children somewhere in it, and that's because kids table and chairs sets solve so many tactical, organizational and even psychological issues in the daily life of a child.

Things to Look For

When you are looking for a strong, functional and aesthetically pleasing kids table and chair set, you want to pay attention to the craftsmanship of the pieces.

Some of the specific details you should note are as follows:

  • Do the tabletop, legs and chair seats have a raw, unfinished or chipped surface?
  • Are the pieces painted with stain, locking in water-resistance?
  • Is the set made from real wood, which is much more durable than many plastics, cork or wood veneer?
  • Can I easily wash the tabletop without causing damage to it?
  • Are the screws and attachments for the table capped and secured tightly wherever there is a joint?
  • Does this table have something that sets it apart? For example, does the tabletop switch into an interactive game board or are there pockets on it to store supplies?

While your main purpose for the table and chair set may be different, you can spot great craftsmanship just by spending a few minutes with the set or studying the photos of it online to try to determine how well constructed it is.

Read the product descriptions carefully so you know what kinds of materials go into making the set as well.

How Do I Know the Set I Buy Is Safe?

There are several things you should look into before buying the kids table and chair set you have your eye on, because at the end of the day, safety is a concern for your children.

Keep mind the following safety precautions before making a purchase:

  • Do some research using trusted sources, such as Consumer Reports and news articles. Has the set ever been recalled or involved in a lawsuit? Conduct a simple Google search.
  • Read the good reviews and the bad reviews. When you pay special attention to the bad reviews, you're able to understand from other consumer's first-hand experience why the product is failing.
  • Research the materials used to make the set to make sure they were not treated with any harmful chemical or cancer-causing agent.
  • Try to see a floor model before you buy, either in the store or at the home of someone who owns a set you are interested in purchasing for your children. This will give you an up-close look to see if there are rough edges, splinters in the wood, unfinished wood, and other uneven surfaces that could lead to injury.

What Happens If My Child Refuses to Use the Table and Chair Set?

This actually can be a problem from time to time, either with a child who insists sitting with the adults at the big table or with a child who is a little hesitant with change.

But you can change your child's entire outlook on using the table and chair set by making it fun to use it.

Here are a few ways to try this fun approach with your child:

  • Have all the adults eat dinner at the kid's table with your child.
  • Invite friends over to have a tea party at the table with your child.
  • When no one is using the table, fill the chairs with dolls and stuffed animals so that it's always a party.
  • Communicate to your child that sitting at the kid's table is not a bad thing. It means he or she gets a special place that is all his or her own!

Is It Worth the Investment?

Quite simply, the answer is "yes."

Your child can begin using your kids table and chair set as young as about three and will probably continue using it up to about six.

Some children transition to the adult's table sooner than later, but usually your set will still be a more comfortable and functional space for a little one for several years.

At such an economical price for a table with four chairs that fit the height and body type of a 3- to 6-year-old, you're really not making an investment at all.

But before you buy, talk to your parent friends who have a set or had one when their children were in this age group. Ask them if their children used it or if it ended up in the neighborhood yard sale after collecting dust for a few years.

What you'll find the majority of the time is that kids table and chair sets are well-loved, well-used, and by the time the kids move over to the adult's table, they're well-worn, too.

Ready to Buy?

With this guide at your side, you're ready to make a decision. Remember that you want a kids table and chair set that your children will actually use, and that means the table needs to be both functional and comfortable.

If you select a table and chair set hastily without the input of your children, you also risk buying a piece of furniture that is more like the big rock in the room. So get their buy-in first, if you can, because they are the little ones who will be scooting up to the table to do crafts, eat and explore myriad activities until they graduate to the adult table.

Finally, remember that no kids table and chair set is going to be perfect, and that's why you have to weigh all your options and pick the set that meets most of your needs. If it's function and form, there may be one table for that.

If its crafts and comfort, there may be another table for that. They each may possess varying levels of function, form, comfort and safety, but you have to decide what your primary use of the table is for your children and make a decision about the set that best fits your end needs.

In the end, however, make sure you have fun in the process. Because those little ones are only little once, and this is an opportunity to mimic you in all you do at the big kid's table.

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