7 Unusual Signs of Labor

If you’ve been pregnant more than once, you know that no two labors are the same.

Most movies make it appear that labor is the same for everyone: severe contractions, breaking water, and a rush to the hospital.

However, there are some not-so-obvious things that pregnant women go through that also can signal impending labor.

Check out these 7 unusal signs of labor.


Unfortunately, diarrhea can hit within a few days of labor. Not only are hormones throwing your body off balance, but your muscles loosen to prepare for delivery. And yes, this means your intestines and colon are preparing for baby as well.

Diarrhea is a very normal part of the end of your pregnancy and, as annoying as it may be, you should take it as a good sign that your body is working properly. Your body is preparing you for labor by cleansing your bowels to allow the baby more room to emerge from the birth canal.

As long as you stay well-hydrated during this time, there is usually nothing to worry about.

Weight Loss

Right at the end of pregnancy when you are probably the heaviest you’ve ever been in your life, a miracle happens and you lose some weight. No, it won’t be a huge amount of weight, but you could shed 1 to 3 pounds very quickly.

This usually happens within a day or so before you give birth and is contributed mostly to water weight. However, other events can cause you to lose even more, like your water breaking or vomiting before labor.

If you think your weight loss is extremely abrupt or too much, talk to your doctor. However, a few pounds right before labor is usually nothing to be concerned about.

Dreams of Labor

Many women have vivid dreams during pregnancy, some completely unrealistic and some very realistic. Dreams often mirror the innermost thoughts you have, so it’s normal that your anxieties or excitement about delivery pop up in your dreams.

If you’re having more frequent dreams of labor and you’re close to your due date, it may mean that labor is just around the corner. Just remember that your dream does not necessarily predict how your labor is going to happen.  

Easier Breathing

Throughout the third trimester of pregnancy, you were likely plagued with shortness of breath and difficulty fully inflating your lungs. But, you may find yourself breathing easier right before you’re about to become a mother.

This easier breathing is because of lightening, or the baby’s head dropping down into the pelvis and taking some pressure away from your lungs. This can happen anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks before labor.

Surge of Energy

Many women feel a sudden energy come over them as they near the very end of pregnancy. This usually happens within the last couple of weeks of pregnancy and is thought to be an innate way of telling us to prepare for labor.

This sudden surge of energy is known as nesting. It usually causes women to have an urge to clean the house, prepare the nursery, and do anything else they feel helps them prepare.

Major Mood Swings

Mood swings are common throughout pregnancy, but severe mood swings affect a lot of women right before labor. You could become extremely irritable, laugh hysterically at anything, or cry at the drop of a hat – all within a few minutes.

Your body is going through tons of hormonal changes now that contribute to your extreme changes in emotions.

Extra-Clingy Pet

Your pets can also sense these crazy hormonal changes within your body. Dogs and cats have strong sensory abilities and can sense changes in your body through smells. You let off different scents throughout your pregnancy as your hormones continue to change.

Your four-legged pal can easily sense the changes even if he doesn’t necessarily understand that you’re pregnant. In the last few days or weeks of your pregnancy, you may notice your dog becoming extra clingy to you.

He may be trying to protect you or providing some emotional support. Either way, he may be able to sense your impending labor before you do.   

Wrapping Up

Labor is not always like it’s popularly portrayed in movies and television. In fact, it very rarely happens as its portrayed. Much like pregnancy, labor is different for every woman and there are no set rules for when, or how, labor will happen.

Of course, there are several obvious signs of impending labor, like contractions, your water breaking, or the loss of your mucus plug. But, if you stay in tune with your body, you may notice more subtle changes that also can mean you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy.







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